Painting in public and communal spaces is nothing new. It’s an old practice that has existed in the world since time immemorial, and murals are one of the main examples that prove the fact. Street art also works on the similar concept and makes the world more colourful and fascinating and brightens mood instantly! These are no less than a work of art and leave a sense of wonderment.

Let’s have a look at the cities which are globally-noted for their beautiful street art:

Street art is quite prominent in this part of the world and has been in existence since the 1970s. New York City in the US is often regarded as an art lover’s paradise. The beautiful American city has a number of super talented artists, who love to showcase their work on the old street walls.

Hosier Lane in Melbourne is one of the famous streets in the world noted for its wall artwork. Melbourne without a doubt is a street art lover’s delight. Some other prominent art streets here include Napier and Exhibition Streets in the Fitzroy quarter, Fitzroy and Rone.

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