Pilot and trainee were killed in Jordan military aircraft crash

A Jordanian pilot and an Iraqi trainee were killed when a light training aircraft crashed during a routine military exercise on Monday, the Jordanian army said. A T67 “Firefly aircraft crashed Monday morning, killing a Jordanian lieutenant colonel and his Iraqi trainee, during a routine training exercise” said Col. Mamdouh al-Amiri, a military spokesman. He said the crash occurred over Jordanian soil but did not elaborate on the cause of the accident or its location. Local media reported that the crash took place some 70 to 90 kilometers north of Amman, and several pro-Syrian regime internet outlets claimed that Syrian regime forces had shot down the plane. In September, Jordan joined the U.S.-led coalition of Arab and Western countries carrying out airstrikes against ISIS. In February, it extended airstrikes against ISIS to Iraq after the group released a video of downed F-16 pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh being burned alive.

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