Infant died at a Mount Lebanon daycare

Health Minister Wael Abu Faour launched Monday an investigation into the case of an infant who died at a Mount Lebanon daycare.

Health Ministry inspectors opened a probe into the Clarinette et Zoe nursery in the town of Ajaltoun Monday, where four-month-old Elie Salloum died Monday in an “accident,” according to a statement released by Abu Faour’s media office.

The statement said the baby was already dead when he had arrived to the St. George Hospital in Ajaltoun following the accident. The report did not describe the nature of the accident.

The ministry’s investigators are looking into the cause of death.

Monday’s incident marks the second time in two weeks that a baby dies in a daycare in Lebanon.

Last week, the Health Ministry said that an infant died in a nursery in the Beirut suburb of Hay al-Sollom. The statement did not disclose the identity of the child or the name of the daycare.

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