How Salary Transparency Could Transform the Museum World as We Know It + Other Stories

Plus, David Zwirner now represents art star Michael Armitage, and the 9/11 Tribute Museum prepares to close permanently.

Museums Reconsider Security After MoMA Stabbing – In light of the shocking stabbing at the Museum of Modern Art last weekend, some museums are stepping up their security procedures. Violence remains rare at cultural institutions and security personnel are usually unarmed. (“The last thing you want is a gunfight with 5,000 kids present,” said one security expert.) But some institutions are looking to balance their desire to present an open face to the public with a desire to make staff feel protected. (New York Times)

Five years ago, four artists—Rashid Johnson, Julie Mehretu, Adam Pendleton, and Ellen Gallagher—joined forces to buy the childhood home of musician and activist Nina Simone for $95,000. Since then, they’ve worked to preserve the home and plan to transform it into a place of artistic invention that can support aspiring artists and musicians.

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