Egyptian Interior Ministry reveals details of attack on security ambush in Sinai

Eight members of the Egyptian security forces were killed Wednesday morning, in addition to five terrorist elements, during a terrorist attack on a security ambush in Sinai.

Cairo – -. A statement issued by the Egyptian Interior Ministry that “a number of terrorist elements targeted a security ambush south of the city of Arish, dawn on Wednesday, June 5.”

The statement said that “these elements were dealt with and exchanged fire with them, killing five terrorist elements and the death of an officer and a police officer and six recruits, and now the forces are tracking the escape routes of those terrorist elements fugitive.”

The sources confirmed this morning, a terrorist attack on an ambush in the city of Arish in the north of Sinai, resulted in the fall of a number of members of the security forces and attackers, and that the clash of gunfire lasted for a period between the parties.

The confrontation between security forces and terrorist groups in the Sinai escalated following the overthrow of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on June 30, 2013, following protests against him.

In February 2018, the Egyptian authorities launched a large-scale security operation to hunt down terrorist elements in the Sinai, the Western border and other areas of Egypt. The operation resulted in the liquidation of large numbers of extremist elements and the cutting off of their funding lines along the western and eastern borders. Rate of terrorist attacks in recent times.

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