Cop clings to car bonnet as driver flees (+video)

A Chinese policeman has been caught on camera clinging to the top of a speeding car as it fled police.

The car’s driver, Zhou, had been pulled over by police officer He Mingdao because his vehicle’s number plate was covered.

Refusing to stop, Zhou took off reportedly driving one of the front wheels against Mingdao’s leg, forcing the officer to jump onto the car’s bonnet as it sped off.

The footage of the chase shows another police officer chasing the car for a kilometre before it’s comes to a stop.

Officer He says he tried to pull the man over but Zhou refused, screaming at him.

“The driver then jerked the steering wheel, so the car’s off-front wheel ran against my leg, forcing me to clinch to the engine hood,” He explains.

“He then sped up, so I had to firmly clutch to the hood and dared not move. So I was dragged on the hood for one kilometre.”

Zhou has been detained on the charge of obstructing public business.

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