Bulldogs coach Trent Barrett and players send defiant message amid PhilGould ‘power struggle’

That was Canterbury coach Trent Barrett’s defiant message after revelations the club’s head of football Phil Gould ran a training session at Belmore this week.
Barrett said Gould was invited to take a hands-on approach in a bid to finally snap the Bulldogs’ six-game losing streak and it wasn’t the first time that had happened.
Before taking the coach’s whistle on the paddock, Gould also conducted a scathing video session that took aim at halfback Kyle Flanagan and a number of other players.
“No way. No way. The boys know who the coach is,” Barrett said when asked about any confusion it causes players.
“Gus doesn’t interfere with any tactical things. He will give an opinion and give an opinion to me. We speak regularly. That’s his job and that’s what he’s here for.
“And again, why wouldn’t I ask for Gus’ opinion?
“And if I think a different voice can help the team at a certain stage, why wouldn’t I? I’d be silly not to.
“I have someone like Steve Hansen here who will be back from Japan in a few months. He’s a resource we have and I’m going to use him. If it’s going to help us win I am going to use him. If I think he can help motivate the players in a different way.
Barrett rejected the suggestion that having Gould run training sessions would turn into a power struggle between the two figures at the club
“It was my idea that he was out there. He certainly does not undermine me in anything I do here,” Barrett said.
“If anything he is here to help. Why wouldn’t I ask for his opinion on different things?
“I think if he can help in certain areas I will definitely use him. I’ll use him again. We’ll probably have a similar meeting again next week.”

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