Arena Football team fined, hit with ‘forfeit’ after lockers get looted during game

The commissioner of the National Arena League has fined one of its teams and slapped them with a “forfeit” for not completing a game — even though they sat out the second half because their lockers had been looted.

The Carolina Cobras, who were creaming the New York Streets 46-0 by halftime of Sunday’s game in White Plains, were targeted by a rogue insider who’d been raiding locker rooms at the Westchester County Center and swiping thousands of dollars and personal effects from players while they were out on the turf.

When the Cobras went to the locker room during half-time and realized $3,000 and a ring were missing, they refused to go back out on the field and the game was suspended.

Now, the commissioner of the NAL is punishing them for the move.

“We owe it to our fans to play a complete game, and we owe it to our teams to provide adequate security. Therefore, we have decided to level fines to both the New York Streets and the Carolina Cobras, as well as to Carolina Coach Billy Back, for their roles in the events of Sunday night,” NAL Commissioner Chris Siegfried said in a statement.

“The visiting Carolina Cobras are fined for conduct detrimental to the best interests of the league – for not finishing the game. Carolina Head Coach Billy Back has been suspended one game – tomorrow night’s game vs. the Columbus Lions – for his role Sunday evening. While coach Back’s intentions may have been to protect his players and the league, he understands now that his decision had an adverse effect on the NAL.”

The Streets were also fined for not providing adequate security for the game, which is the home team’s responsibility for NAL games.

In one final punch to the gut, Siegfried said because the Cobras refused to the complete the game, the Streets have been awarded a win by forfeit, even though they were behind by nearly seven touchdowns.

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