A Moroccan convicted of terrorism was deported from the United Kingdom

Rabat, 22 May 2015 (MAP) – The Moroccan Minister of Interior contacted his British counterpart to express to him the discontent of the Moroccan authorities following the deportation of a Moroccan national convicted of terrorism in the UK, according to a Ministry’s statement released on Thursday.

The Moroccan national, named Youness TSSOULI, who was deported on Wednesday 20th of this month from the UK, where he was serving prison term for criminal acts related to terrorism, has set fire on his parents’ house, located in the Agdal neighbourhood in the city of Rabat, and refused to surrender to the police forces, threatening them with blade weapon, according to this statement.

The Ministry’s statement described the police operation as being delicate in the sense that the offender threatened not only to throw himself off the rooftop of his family’s house but also to attack anyone from the police or the public who would approach him, using a blade weapon.

The drama was finally brought to a close on Thursday night at around 23H00, when elements of the prefecture of the Rabat judicial police managed to neutralize the offender, aided by a psychiatrist of the police during the 14 hours of negotiation that preceded the successful assault, the statement reports.

The statement indicates that no injuries have been sustained on both sides, primarily due to the level of security precautions taken by the police forces in coordination with the other competent authorities.

Against this backdrop, the Moroccan Minister of Interior contacted his British counterpart to convey the Moroccan authorities’ utmost discontent over the deplorable neglect shown by the British authorities’ by not reporting the extreme dangerousness of this individual and holding he remains free, thereby putting other people’s lives in jeopardy; an incident that could potentially have developed into a real diplomatic crisis, according to the same source.

After being informed of all the developments surrounding this case, including the fact that Youness TSSOULI had allegedly endured incarceral mistreatment, torture and sexual aggression in the British prison system, the Public Prosecutor instructed that the offender be put in a psychiatric hospital for the purpose of establishing a medical opinion on this front.

If these allegations are confirmed, a judicial inquiry into these allegations will be opened and lodged with the British judiciary, according to a statement by the Public Prosecutor in charge.

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