Vladimir Putin successfully launches nuclear test missile that can reach America in 12 minutes

Vladimir Putin has successfully test-launched a new supersonic missile that could breach NATO’s missile defense systems — and reach the United States in twelve minutes.

The missile, known as the Object 4202 rocket, managed to fly from Yasny Launch Base to the peninsula of Kamchatka, a distance spanning thousands of miles. Because its speed reaches 4000 mph, it would be practically impossible to intercept, rendering it impervious to being stopped by NATO’s defense systems. The missiles could reach the shores of the United Kingdom in as little as thirteen minutes. It is also invisible to US anti-missile systems and can evade radar.

The missile has been designed to carry Satan 2, Russia’s new nation killer nuclear weapon that are more formally known as RS-28 Sarmat super-nukes. It will be able to carry three of these weapons at a time, and each RS-28 Sarmat is believed to contain 16 nuclear warheads. If detonated, a Satan 2 bomb can destroy a land area the size of France or Texas.