US will restart aid to the military help in Bahrain

The United States said that they will restart aid to the military help in Bahrain.

When Persian Gulf countries established mass Shiah-led protests, the security help was withheld after 2011.

However, spokesman for the US State department, John Kirby said that Bahrain had advanced about human rights including the release of the political offense.

Bahrain has flown airstrike missions over Syria as some coalitions that the United States led on Syria for Islam state (IS) in the stronghold of the Fifth fleet of US Navy.

“We believed that it was important to admit that the Bahraini government has advanced in human rights reform and a settlement,” Department of State spokesman John Kirby said in a statement.

He added that this did not mean that the United States thought that Bahraini human rights situation was adequate.

Kirby said, “we continue pushing Bahrain about human rights concern after a lift of these holds”.

He did not convey the details about which security help would entail.

The movement was criticised quickly by rights group.
“The decision to remove regulation was taken place without any true or meaningful political reform,” Sarah Margon who is in charge of the Human Rights Watch in Washington said.

“The Bahraini prison was full of recent imprisonment with a political detained person for the means that a political opposition leader, Al Wefaq secretary general Sheikh Ali Salman, political accommodations were remainning as far away as ever,” she said in a statement.

Sheikh Salman was imprisoned early in June in charge of four years to stimulate hatred, and “to insult” a public institution.

The demonstration against Bahrain’s Sunni monarchy took place sporadically after 2011.

When the government canceled protest four years ago, dozens died.