Unstoppable Young Football Player in Vancouver, Canada

By/ Sam Nan

  As an Australian reporter, I am amazed to see this young football player in Vancouver, Canada, who is also being watched closely by many football fans as a promising star in this sport with his distinguishable talents and skills when playing football.  This young player named Gob Kalahan Deng started playing football almost 5 years ago with his former football club Vancouver Trojans, in which he demonstrated his talents in mastering this sport in his early age. Gob Deng has been named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the Vancouver Football league for 5 years in a row. Gob’s exceptional performances continue with his new football club Westside Warriors. This young player cannot be stopped by other football players. He knows how and when to score touchdowns whether with his former team Vancouver Trojans or his current team Warriors to win the game. With the beginning of the new football season that started a couple of weeks ago, Gob has made 2 touchdowns in the preseason game, 4 touchdowns in the second game and 1 in the third game that was held on Sunday September 18, 2016.