Trump: I love Muslims for they are great, And I do not mind to have a Muslim Minister in My administration

US billionaire Donald Trump and the top Republican candidate  in the US election said that he loves Muslims and believe that they are great people. He declared that  he does not mind to have a Muslim Minister in his administration.

This came as a response to a question by network «CNN» US about the Americans who convert to the Islamic religion are considered an important part of the fabric of society in the United States, Trump said: «Of course, no doubt about it». And The remarks came in the wake of harsh criticism of Trump won a few days ago and specifically by his colleagues in the Republican Party for not corrected information echoed by one of his supporters in a conference during question from him that included US President Barack Obama was a Muslim.The channel «CNN» America has aired a recording of a presence in a meeting between the Republican candidate for the presidential elections with his supporters directs a question to Trump expressing his indignation toward Muslims in America, he says that US President Barack Obama is one of them. Donald Trump appeared confused after question, but he did not directly reply to him or comment on the information cited in the liquid, but saying only that dealing with the issue of terrorism needs to be long to explain the whole program.