Wake up Obama.. There is a season for every activity under the heavens

By Editor / Sam Nan
The criticism of the US president ((who will get the title of “X” soon)) is the beginning of the end of his presidency for which all darkness and blackness.
It has a dark solution countries the Middle East, and even the world at large dark era and the plaint, Obama has built a terrorist base in East countries and promising them to take over power in the Middle.
Obama did not want to divide the Middle East as they were accused his predecessors of presidents, because Obama really did not intend to split the Middle unification but under one banner, a “ISIS” The goal is to:
1- The imposition of the sword as it was in the old to become red “blood” is the dominant color and publishes dead bodies in the streets and thus be disposed of Christians and moderate Muslims first, and then replaces the time a time of technological development backwardness and reactionary.
2. When the developed world and cultured learner wants to fight terrorism by providing them money supposed to be used in scientific and technological progress to be used to buy weapons to fight ISIS, and sold arms to fight teams and thus Obama’s countries benefit from the division and spread death.
3. It is natural when wars spread and moving money from food and technology factories to arms factories that states lack and poverty prevail and spread hunger in parts of the earth and thus Obama gets rid of people through murder, war and hunger.
4. After the elimination of most of humanity this diabolical means Obama believes that the world will own and will own presidential chair forever.
Did Mr. Hussein Obama knows that there is wisdom says, “If lasted for what else you got?”
Doesn’t he know that in a specific time he will be charged for all the crimes committed against humanity?
The language of the law “to kill kill” and this is meant by a single person, what about that kills a quarter of people who are on the globe?
Verily I say .. if I did not scholars of the Bible well, I would declare that Obama is beginning at the time of his aches predicted in the Book of Revelation.
But thanks be to God that the beginning of the end has come now and began Candidates for the presidential seat in America began in the detection of defects and Obama revealed hidden what he committed against the entire world.
Yes … All those who try to show Obama defects were not really satisfactory to declare their consciences and were only declared in the past, but they are doing it in the hope of getting the chair.
But this is not important, but I want to know that Mr. Hussein nothing lasts and nothing stays the same because our world is the world of opposites, hot becomes cold and hot and cold become a human does not come down the river twice.