I came to realize that the Republican Senators dissatisfaction with the latest nuclear deal with Iran is somehow making sense after controversial statements from Iranian officials in regard to Israel existence. I also realized that Iranian officials are more narcissistic than ordinary Iranians. It seemed that their personal dysfunctions are associated with various interpersonal inabilities to deal with normal diplomatic relations, including an inability to maintain healthy long term relationships, unethical behaviour, and verbal aggression toward Israel. There is an apparent of selves obsession found among Iranian officials, this is clearly seen through their unthoughtful statements to local and international media about Israel existence.

Not long enough, on August 25, 2015, Iran and the United Kingdom normalized their diplomatic relationships and the UK Foreign Secretary statement was that, “Perfectly normal Iran seeks to turn a page with the West.” At the same week after the new page was opened with Britain, the Iran’s Supreme called for Muslim world to unite and destroy Israel. Following that provocative statement from this old dud, another clown jumped on the boat and said, “Israel should be annihilated. “We reject the existence of any Israel on this earth.” A senior Iranian official Mr.Hussen Sheikholeslam, a foreign affairs adviser to Parliamentary speaker told Iranian media this contrary to remarks by British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, “Our Positions Against The Usurper Zionist Regime Have Not Changed At All; Israel Should Be Annihilated And This Is Our Ultimate Slogan, the Iranian official said.”

The pronoun “we” in his statement is too broad because he said, “We reject the existence of any Israel on this earth.” Does it mean that Iranian officials rule or own the entire universe by their unruly statement that they don’t want Israel on earth? The other word has to do with our ultimate slogan; does he mean that all Iranian people hate Israel? I doubt, for his unreasonable statement. Here is the fact, I think these Iranian officials are like a man who looks at his face in the mirror and after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. Similarly, these government officials are amateur politicians who do not understand diplomatic aspects and practice what they preach. They are just like a bunch of clowns in the circus. Therefore, there is a clear contradiction on what the Iranian foreign affairs minister agreed on with Britain’s government and what their spiritual leader and the foreign affairs official concluded in regard to Israel annihilation .