The Republican Convention that was held in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. has in fact revealed a true colour of leaders who want white America without the rest of the non-white that make up what is known to be the greatest nation of our era. Mr. Donald Trump believes that he can fix everything on his own, in other words; he is going to be the most vicious and toughest dictator in American and world history. America is gonna be a police state, where black people are going be subjected under extreme and constant punishment by the law enforcement officers on the American streets.

In all the speeches, I was paying a close attention to two men who stood firmly against President Obama and even one of them called Obama as food stamp President. One of them is a former U.S. Representative Newt Gingrrich who have a different view about black people in America at this time and said, “It is more dangerous to be black in America, not because of crimes on the American streets, but because of police”. He went on to say that, “if you are a normal, white American… you do not really understand being black in America.” Why because, it is much easier for a white police officer to shoot and kill a black young man than killing a dog in the park.

If a white police officer shot and killed a 12 years old boy playing with his toy gun, then, who else can the police spare? Meanwhile, Republican leaders like former New York Mayor Rudy Juliani kept adding gas on the fire by saying that, “Black Lives Matter is inherently racist.

And black parents should teach their kids to respect law enforcement officers (police)”.In other words, he is telling black parents to teach their children to accept death in the hands of the some white and racist police officers.

Bill Maher said that, “the Republican leaders talk about Obama’s Presidency as something that never existed, because they do not want to see black family eating in the White House.” And in 2008, after President Obama’s inauguration; Mitch McConnell who is now the Majority Leader of the Senate and a member of the Republican Party said that, “Obama would be a one term President,” .In fact, Mitch McConnell got it wrong and the black man with his family are still in the White House to this day.

The question is, what did a black man do against his fellow white man? And why some white men still hate and discriminate against black people? As we all know, black man was enslaved, kept away from education, deprived of his dignity and butchered like an animal by his white fellow man. He was brought to America to work in the farms and build America which is great now. But the white man still unsatisfied and wanted more from the black man. The white man thought by enslaving, beating ,intimidating and killing the black man he might create fear and break down the black’s man spirit. But that was not the case with our forefathers who were longing for freedom as human beings like their fellows white men.

In fact, these three things have no cure (treatment), namely: Hatred which is hostility toward other individuals who might not be aware of strong dislike being directed to him/her.

Racism, which is known as discrimination or xenophobia against someone else either because of his skin colour, language, religion or ethnicity. Lastly, selfishness which is self-seeking over others.

Therefore, people who filled up with all sorts of bigotry or prejudice need to understand that the figure always goes with its background. You see, all human behaviour goes together in such a way you cannot have saints without sinners; failures without successors; rich people without poor ones; white without black and life without death.

All these things go together in this life. That is why you see that where there are no sick people; there will be no incentive for the study of medicine; where there are no crazy people; there will be no incentive for the study of psychology about the human mind.

Therein, let’s view every human being however bad he/she is as essential contribution to the totality of this our life. And let’s not be vicious and unmerciful to each other, because we all belong to each other as one family and not enemies. Let’s drop off the fast lane of hatred, racism, and selfishness and pick up the love that defines us as children of one creator (God).