The Republican Candidates vs. Donald Trump

Written by Editor Kalahan Deng

 Here is a simple advice to the Republicans candidates who are sailing in a stormy sea. If they cannot defeat their opponent, then they should join him. Having said that, these Republican candidates seem to be preoccupied on how to get rid of Donald Trump in this race, not only because of his unexpected surge in national polls but of his uncontrollable attacks against those who were his closest friends and members of his party, but now his fierce opponents. Donald Trump is there to stay, whether they want him or not. And Hilary Clinton with the Democrats would be the beneficiaries of the eternal conflict within the Republican Party.

The American national polls have elevated Trump from a novelty candidate to the party’s front runners. I think the Republican presidential candidates better acquire a thorough understanding of Donald Trump than exerting their efforts in figuring out ways of attacking or forcing him out of the race. It is a waste of time and energy since he is leading them in the national polls. Donald Trump is the man who speaks his mind, and his own words will bring an end to his race into the White House. In fact, he has made about an unconventional approach to a very conventional process. Trump captured American media’s imagination the day he announced his presidential bid.

He spells out issues that are provocative, sensational to the American media and in most cases to overlook his reasoning is a deadly mistake. He did not get along with other candidates like Senator. Lindsey Graham (R.S.C) and former Texas governor Rick Perry and made provocative comments about John McCain of Arizona. Many American politicians do not regard Trump with cautiousness, but ordinary Americans have no problem taking his message with seriousness. As a result, many conservative Republicans do agree with his comments about those un-thoughtful comments about other Republicans candidates, Mexican illegal immigrants, and even about President Obama.

Donald Trump had shown himself to conservative Republicans that he wants to get rid of Washington establishment (politicians), and so, the voters have no problem in embracing his argument. Therefore, his sudden surge in the national poll and his capability to flame conversations among voters should not be taken lightly.

This man has a lot of wealth, but his wealth is not a green light to the White House, since all politicians know very well qualities of the president and especially the Commander in Chief.