A man, who starts a fight and runs away, will live to fight tomorrow. In other word, a coward person dies twice. While the brave one dies once for all. Having said that, many of us have noticed how many of so called ISIS fighters are deserting their battlefield and giving themselves over to the appropriate authorities that can decide  their fates. For example, many of ISIS leaders have been either killed, captured, or decided to surrender. Some of them start stealing and running away with sensitive information about their criminal organization and passing them to countries once they called infidels.

This is a clear sign of a total collapse of their darkest chapter in our modern era. What a surprise move, a U.S. born citizen from Virginia  named Muhammed Amain was captured by the Kurdish Troops in northern Iraq couple of days ago; when the Kurdish troops searched him, they found his Driver License with his home’s address in Virginia, where he was born .The Kurdish troops also found a lot of money in his pockets.

The kingdom of disillusioned is melting out; the US air-strikes killed ISIS’Abu Omar al-Shishani in Syria. Who was Abu Omar al-Shishani?He was a top Islamic State  field commander leader in Syria.

Finally, wicked men will not go unpunished in return for their heinous crimes they committed against innocent people everywhere.The LORD GOD Will looks upon ISIS fighters faces and judge them accordingly.