By The Editor of English\ Kalahan Deng


It is a heartbreaking situation to see a man building his family’s house and then set it on fire. This is the grave situation that is going on between the political leaders in the new nation of the South Sudan. In the past, they battled the Islamic regime of Khartoum for 21years and eventually freed their own people from marginalization that lasted for decades. Unfortunately, what the world is witnessing at the moment is something appalling and unacceptable. The current President and his former Vice-President dragged their country into this senseless civil war.

Therefore, I compare these competing men for a man who wants to cut the long path through the bush but failed to see how crooked the path is. Only a person who is standing far from the path sees it. For that cause, the international community is increasingly concerned about the endless suffering people face everyday. None of us fully understand this despicable war that lacks ideology, full of greed and hunger for power.

Even though the two leaders are from the same ruling party, yet they oppose each other and could not look beyond their comfort zone. For instance, the President is not willing to give an inch in implementing a real change. On the other hand, the former Vice President is unwilling to compromise on anything apart from being a Prime Minister with all powers. In the past, I thought South Sudanese in Diaspora represented the best hope of forging together to create alliance that can put an end to this unnecessary bloodshed at home. But we, in the Diaspora, appear to be too exhausted, divided a long sectarian line, and confused on which of the two camps to support or condemn. I thought we can see things more clearly in a non-partisan way and in the national interest.

In that regard, our greatest regrets in life will most likely come from not what we have not done, but more from what we have failed to do to our people, our children, and ourselves. Dear friends, there is something about the person who moves with purpose and a plan that attracts opportunities. That is why life cannot give you anything if you do not know what want yourself. How can others help you achieve success if you yourself have not decided how you plan to achieve it? Only without a doubt of purpose will you be able to overcome the defeats and adversities that are sure to stand in your way. For the future is what you make by yourself. Decide now what it shall be. Leaders of the South Sudan should be aware that change is an individual process that we can not complete for others.

Our leaders need to learn how to take care of their citizens and their nations which should be their top priority and not hostility and power that lasts for a little while. The leaders need to learn that it is best to leave a negative situation before it makes them grow old and tired. Never allow doubt or fear take over your daily life. We all need someone to run to in our weakest and darkest moments. A new beginning can be a slow process, but there is always positive growth that follows.

Standing in the way of your own progress is always more harmful than helpful. I pray to God that the leaders of the South Sudan learn to facilitate changes in themselves that make their personal world a better place for their citizens. Let them also adopt transformation of their lives into something good that means, they have to cut away the old and corrupt manners and shape themselves with the new ones. As the world have seen what they ignited. It only takes one wrong move to destroy a great game of life. They also need to be aware that they are the artists who shape their reality into what their citizens want it to be.

As human beings, at time, the best help we can give is no help at all. Individual choices help us to shape who we become in this life. We know for sure that every argument should support it’s conclusion by making a double claim that it’s premises are true and it’s premises also supports its conclusion. Whenever we assess an argument of both leaders, we should ask ourselves whether their claims are true. For people rely directly upon the concept argument.

To conclude this article, where are the ingenious strategies to overcome this self destruction? Or where are the mathematical facts, moral facts since ordinary facts are not accessible for debate by the disputing parties? Therefore, it is clear that the notion of checkable fact is important and needs some elucidation.