Sister’s ‘nightmare’ as Hull woman jailed in Egypt faces agonising wait for court hearing

The family of a Hull woman accused of smuggling prescription drugs into Egypt have spoken of their “nightmare” as she waits for a hearing in the Crown Court.

Laura Plummer, 33, has already spent more than a month in police custody in Hurghada, where she was arrested at the airport for carrying 300 tramadol pills.

She claimed the strong painkillers were for her boyfriend, Omar Caboo, to help ease back pain he has suffered since a car accident two years ago.

Laura was initially due to have her first appearance in court last Thursday, which was later changed to Saturday.

But her sister, Jayne Synclair, said when her family and lawyer attended the court for the hearing, they were horrified to find she was not expected to appear.

She said: “My mum and Omar and the solicitor turned up at the court expecting to see Laura, but she wasn’t there.

“I flew out to go to the court on Thursday but I had to fly back on Saturday because of my little boy.

“When she wasn’t there, the solicitor went to find out what had happened to her, and she wasn’t even listed. Instead they have sent the case to a higher court, the Crown Court.”