Saudi denies mediation between Saudi Arabia and Iran

RIYADH, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) — A top Saudi official has denied mediation between Saudi Arabia and Iran by the newly elected Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Al Hayat newspaper reported on Monday.

Thamer Al-Sabhan, Minister of State for Arabian Gulf Affairs at the Foreign Ministry, told the newspaper that he doesn’t think that the mediation attempt exist by the Lebanese President, highlighting that Iran knows the demands of Saudi Arabia and why the country cut its ties with Iran.

He also highlighted the rejection of his country to the interference of the internal affairs of any country.

Saudi Arabia cut ties with Iran in January of this year, citing the reason to Iranian interference in its and other Arab countries’ affairs. Short after that the country announced the cut of air traffic with Iran.

Saudi Arabia has been opposing the Iranian political stance and involvement in Yemen and Syria as well as its nuclear activities.