Paradise is not a waste?

By Editor in chief / Sam Nan 

Demonstrators protesting in different areas in Lebanon, and politicians and administrators scrambling among themselves and anger prevail over the Lebanese entire region, and political partisanship has been associated with religious fanaticism, severe anger of the political and administrative confusion that led to the suffocation of the capital and its suburbs Bznk tons of waste. So what did they do in paradise on earth? They bury waste to replace the smell of mold replace the breeze, and replaces the progress and view the glamorous view of the garbage and filth.

No and a thousand times no … Varahm who was born greats of poetry and literature and beautiful art can not be held as well as Balnfalla and filth, where the hands of powerful government ?, Where the determination of the people of Lebanon where people proud inherent ?, Where is the Lebanese who proves his presence in any place where there is in all parts of the earth? Is this the political partisanship or fanaticism time?

Nope … I must do something before it’s too late, and the Lebanese government is capable and able to overcome this crisis, but .. if he knew why the hero wonder.

It is certain that there is an external hand scheming mind Lloyd hidden internal implemented even lose his balance Lebanon politically, administratively and ideologically.

From here we cry in the Lebanese and the call … Do not let the corrupt, tampered with in paradise to destroy it, Rise and Rise of Rkadkm and Amrha, it will not help you , the only person that will help you is no  one but yourself, you are your own weapon.  Do not put your head on the pillow dreaming vulva times, but then adjourned dust and open your eyes to see the truth and clean Paradise of waste and unknown information.