North Korea threat: Japan sparks World War 3 PANIC with first jet fighter ship since WW2

The Japanese development of an aircraft carrier – fit to carry US-made F-35 fighter jets – has shocked its Asian neighbours.

Earlier this week, Japan revealed its plan to convert a helicopter warship into a stealth fighter aircraft carrier for the first time since the devastation of the Second World War.

China has been alarmed by the escalation in Japan’s militarization and warned that this move violates their constitutional “no-war” clause.

An expert in Asian affairs, Andrew Leung, said the move could be a “pretext for a larger military force”.

Following its defeat at the end of the Second World War, Japan signed a deal promising to convert its military into a defensive force.

The Japanese Government maintain that the aircraft carrier development is intended only as a defence against Kim Jong-un’s North Korean regime.

However, Mr Leung disputed this during an interview with RT: “This is a move towards escalation.

“The threat from North Korea is not credible – and even if it was, aircraft carriers cannot defend against nuclear weapons.”

The Asian affairs expert also accused the US of encouraging Japan to revise its constitution and play a greater military role against North Korea.