MH370 wing component was found on the French island of Reunion

A suspected MH370 wing component was found by beach cleaners on the French island of Reunion in the western Indian Ocean.

The debris is now confirmed to be part the wing of a Boeing 777, the same model of plane as Flight 370, which is believed to reveal the mystery of the missing Malaysian plane.

Experts are to begin analysing the wing component, known as a flaperon, on Wednesday in Toulouse, France.

French military agency that operates the lab where the flaperon will be examined has sophisticated equipment and expertise to quickly identify which plane the component belongs to and what happened to it. It is believed that the examination can reveal details about the plane’s final moments, whether it crashed into the sea or broke apart in midair.

However, it’s unclear how long it will take to determine it.

Furthermore, it is unlikely to solve why the plane turned off its scheduled flight path or where it exactly in the Indian Ocean ended up.

The debris of a suitcase was also found on the Reunion coast the day after the flaperon, is being sent to research institute in Pontoise, outside Paris.

The search for more debris which is suspected to be any parts of MH370 is continuing with many people combing the shoreline near the area where the flaperon was found.