MCE’s Secretary General calls for joining hands to confront terrorism

Secretary General of the Muslims Council of Elders (MCE) Dr. Ali Al Nuaimi has called on politicians, thinkers, intellectuals and scientists of different nationalities and beliefs to join hands to confront and eliminate terrorism.

Addressing a press conference held after the opening session of the MCE meeting in Cairo today, Dr. Al Nuaimi reiterated the determination to reject terrorism in all its forms, saying Islam had nothing to do with it and that majority of its victims are Muslims.

Dr. Al Nuaimi appealed to all politicians and intellectuals to confront terrorism and warned against targeting sacred Islamic sites.

“To deter terrorism, all of us should come together as one entity. Terrorism should not be attributed to a certain faith. In fact, this only creates more terrorism,” he added.

Dr. Al Nuaimi indicated that the Grand Imam of Al Azhar has called for an emergency meeting of the MCE to examine current developments and their implications for the Muslim world and beyond.

He revealed that the Council has approved launch of 16 campaigns in different countries, led by Al Azhar scholars, to promote and preach the values of tolerance that Islam teaches.

He also said the Council discussed, in the presence of the Somali Awqaf Minister, a proposed national reconciliation initiative in Somalia and ways to engage the scholars there in this effort.