Man threatened to kill ex-wife if she refused to become his wife again

Dubai: An employee has been accused of cursing and threatening to kill his ex-wife if she refused to become his wife again.
The 29-year-old Syrian employee, S.A., was said to have waited for his wife outside her workplace, cursed her and threatened to kill her when she walked out of her work place in June.
The suspect failed to show up before the Dubai Court of First Instance and enter a plea on Tuesday.
According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the defendant dishonoured his wife and cursed her. He was also accused of threatening to kill her if she refused to marry him a second time.The 30-year-old Syrian ex-wife testified to prosecutors that the incident happened at 5pm outside the hospital where she works.
“I finished work and walked out of the hospital. As soon as I reached my car at the parking lot, S.A. was waiting for me. He had asked to meet me earlier a number of times but I constantly refused to see him. Suddenly he started cursing me loudly… then he said ‘you are a dirty and dishonourable woman… if you do not get back to me I will keep chasing you and kill you,” the divorcee claimed to prosecutors.Prosecution records showed that S.A. has been involved in a second case with his ex-wife is being tried for sending her offensive SMSs over her mobile phone.
Presiding judge Mohammad Jamal said the accused will be sentenced in absentia on October 28.