Malcolm Turnbull removes knights and dames as they are “not appropriate” in a modern Australian honours system

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull announced on Monday that the title of knights and dames will be removed from the Order of Australia as they are “not appropriate” in a modern Australian honours system.

“Knights and dames are titles that are really anachronistic, out of date, not appropriate, in 2015,” he said.

Former PM Tony Abbott reintroduced knighthoods and damehoods in 2014 for “pre-eminent Australians.”

Mr Turnbull said Cabinet has agreed the titles are no longer appropriate in the modern honours system and Queen Elizabeth has also agreed the request of removal.

However, he added that this change will not affect existing knights and dames.

“It’s a Cabinet decision, it’s not just a decision by Malcolm Turnbull and it’s a decision I fully support and endorse,” the Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said while he supported a constitutional monarchy.

Following this change, Mr Abbott announced that he will remove himself from the process of choosing knights and dames.