Is it true that some of my fellow’s immigrants here in Canada do not feel comfortable enough when debating on the issue of patriotism? I fully comprehend why many maintain this kind of a mixed reaction. It could be because of their former political, religious persecutions, social, and economic deprivation, even on a religious ground that keeps them away from adjusting themselves with multicultural society like Canada. Loyalty is an individual’s choice as long as he/she is a free moral agency who is able to decide what is best to follows.

On the other hand, Patriotism means that a person strongly supports his/her country in anyway possible, whether being a good citizen, joining the army or even voting in general elections. Unfortunately, this is not the case with some who lack this understanding and have forgotten that this nation called Canada has loved us unconditionally and that is why it has opened its doors for us all immigrants in order to revive our lives here. But some are even going further and want to change the rules and laws of this nation to fit their extremist or fanatic ideology.

This is a perfect example; son of Algerian immigrants became a JIHADIST at the age of 16-year old. By the way, this boy is the youngest person charged with terrorism offences here in Canada. When he was interviewed by the police, he openly said to the police officer that it was OK to rob a non-believer (non Muslim) and the money he stole was equivalent to “war booty”. But the most astonishing statement he said was that, “Canada should be run by Islamic law, by force”.

If you read my previous article, I wrote about confrontational Islamic group in Brussels, Belgium who are calling for the Islamic Sharia laws instead of the Belgium’s original laws of the land. The question is, Is there is similarity between what is going on in Belgium who are calling for the Islamic laws there and the group that this young boy belongs to here in Canada? This is where I question some immigrant’s patriotism to this nation. The truth is, We were not welcomed to Canada in order to change the laws of this nation or to impose our religious views, but to re-start a new life and feel as human beings with respect and dignity.

What kind of an immigrant that comes to your country and starts telling you that he has absolute rights to change your country laws to his religious laws? This sort of religious ideology is not only here in Canada, Belgium, Britain, or Australia, but it is seen and heard in every country, even in Saudi-Arabia, the Holiest place to all Muslims who go there every year for their pilgrims. But radicals Islamist want more than that and to change the Islamic laws there according to their own radical views.

Here is the funny part, most of these radical groups, were in fact forced out of their countries of origins due to this kind of radical ideologies that lead to destruction of people lives. Here is my advise to my fellows immigrants , let’s keep on doing what we are doing in order to cut the ground from under these people who want to change to rule this nation according to the Islamic laws. For such people are false citizens who lack proper judgement and patriotism, they are deceitful  workmen, masquerading as citizens , but their acts of rebellions are obvious, hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, factions, dissension, and envy. Some of these men have lost touch with reality, lost connection with their minds, and have forgotten what Canada has done for them. But they have wondered and decided to pursue things that are taught by hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron. What a world we live in?