Lesson of the Week (Saddest Plastic Surgery Fails of All Time)


Being a celebrity comes with a great deal of pressure to look PERFECT. To deal with this pressure, a lot of celebs decide to go down the plastic surgery route to improve their looks. Often times they even try to defy aging! Unfortunately, the results aren’t always so pretty; sometimes they can even be downright destructive! Sure, aging is scary, but the results of plastic surgery can be even scarier.Unlike most celebrities, Meg Ryan was aging gracefully and naturally. But when roles began being offered up to younger, newer stars, Meg decided to take matters into her own hands.After many injections and fillers, Meg Ryan looks much worse than before.Known for calling celebrities out for their red carpet fau paxs on Fashion Police, Joan Rivers had a certain image to adhere to.But after 739 surgeries, her face just couldn’t bounce back.Melanie Griffith before surgery was known as a naturally beautiful ladyBut to keep and maintain her beauty as she reached her 50th birthday, Melanie had a boob job, liposuction, eyelid lift and lip augmentation .Back in the 70s and 80s, Bruce Jenner had it all: money, Olympic gold medals and dashing good looks.