Lebanon’s President Meets German Counterpart: Bearing Syrian Displacement’s Burden “Int’l Responsibility”

President Michel Aoun maintained that Germany constituted a vital economic force that Lebanon was seeking to cooperate with on all levels, in remarks made following his meeting with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, at Baabda palace on Monday.

“We dwelt on Germany’s participation in three crucial conference that Lebanon is looking forward to,” Aoun said.

“We reviewed the regional situation and developments, whereby we focused on the necessity to reach peaceful solution to end violence, wars, and terrorism,” he added.

“I underlined to President Steinmeier that bearing the burden of the Syrian displacement is a joint international responsibility,” he said, highlighting the obligation to end the refugees’ tribulations and guarantee a secure return to their homeland.

“Talks also touched on the security dossier and the fight of terrorism. The meeting was an occasion to broach Lebanon’s achievements in that respect and success in uncovering and dismantling tens of terror rings, as well as the successful military confrontation our army had led against the terrorists in the outskirts of north Bekaa,” he indicated.

“We also focused on the necessity of international cooperation in facing the terrorists, whereas Lebanon is part of the international efforts aiming to eradicate terrorism,” he said.

“I also highlighted the necessity of Germany’s support for Lebanon in the face of the recurrent Israeli violations, whereby I stressed on the importance of committing to the full implementation of UN resolution 1701,” he concluded.

For his part, Steinmeier hailed the coexistence among Lebanon’s various sects and religions.

“I discussed with President Aoun the issue of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and I expressed my appreciation of Lebanon for hosting them,” he said.

“I am looking forward to meeting with the spiritual leaders in Lebanon,” he added.

“Coexistence in Lebanon is exemplary,” he underlined.

“We care for stability inside Lebanon and it is in our interest that it persists,” the German President said.