Lebanon faces health issues because of the rubbish crisis

Wael Abu Faour, the health minister of Lebanon has warned that the country is facing a considerable health issues because of the huge amounts of rubbish.

Garbage has been collecting on the streets in Lebanon for the past month after the closing down of the main landfill site in Beirut.

The crisis has become severe that some residents visit the spot frequently in order to burn rubbish on the streets.

Consequently, toxic fumes have enveloped over the city’s skyline and into resident homes.

Mr. Faour warned that Lebanon will suffer a “major health catastrophe” as Lebanon’s environment including air, water and food were contaminated. He called for an emergency committee to come up with immediate resolution.

However, Political arguments in recent weeks has prevented the government from making decisions to deal with the rubbish crisis.

Residents in Beirut have to deal with the 20,000 tonnes of stink rubbish on the streets during the hottest time of the year.

Some of them have worn masks to protect themselves from disgusting smell.