Jordan Eases Education Enrollment Rules for Syrian Refugees

  • Prime Minister Hani Mulki has approved a request for Syrian refugees to enroll in government schools without possessing required documents.
  • To avoid overcrowding, the new students would attend afternoon sessions in double-shift schools.
  • Special programs have also been introduced to help Syrian children catch up on the years of education they have missed.
  • Approximately 80,000 Syrian children in Jordan were out of school for various reasons including the lack of required documents.


Prime Minister Hani Mulki has approved a recommendation by concerned officials to allow Syrian refugees who do not possess the required documents to enroll in government schools, officials have announced.

To be able to join formal education in the Kingdom, Syrians have to present a special ID card issued by the Interior Ministry indicating their status as refugees.

In exclusive remarks to Al Rai and The Jordan Times, Education Minister Omar Razzaz said that the decision is consistent with the government’s policy not to leave any children without education “because we do not want anyone to lose their right to education”.

In remarks to The Jordan Times, State Minister for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson Mohammad Momani said: “In line with our value system in Jordan, we do not accept that any child be left out without education.”

“Education is among a string of services provided to Syrian refugees from the moment they are received on border,” the minister said, renewing a call on the international community to ensure proportionate assistance for Jordan to continue carrying out its humanitarian mission.

Asked if the new numbers would add to the problem of crowding at schools, he said that the newcomers would join afternoon periods in double-shift schools, where there is no such a problem.