Israel and Russia corporate in military to prevent “misunderstandings”

Israel and Russia have concurred to corporate in military actions in order to avoid shooting at each other in Syria.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he and Russian president Vladimir Putin “agreed on a mechanism to prevent such misunderstandings.”

Netanyahu said that he had informed “on each and every detail” of his Moscow visit, and added “Everyone has an interest in avoiding an unnecessary clash” over Syria.

Putin said Russian military support of the Syrian government would always be “responsible.”

Russia is sending fighter-bombers and ground attack aircraft and building accommodation large enough to house as many as 2,000 advisers.

“Our policy is to do everything to stop weapons from being sent to Hezbollah (Shi’a Islamist militant group),” Netanyahu told Putin at his visit to Moscow.

Before the talks, Netanyahu made the purpose of his meeting with Putin clear.

“In these circumstances I thought it was important for me to come here in order to clarify our position, and to do everything so that there are no misconceptions between our forces and your forces,” he said.

Putin said, “we both understand that the Syrian army and Syria all in all is in such a condition, that it does not have a chance to open the second front.”