Muslims are the largest religious group in the Capital City Brussels .Muslims are one quarter of the city’s population and are expected to be the majority in less than 20 years. The most controversial group in the capital Brussels is known as Islamic Sharia for Belgium.

Saad Bl-kasam is the leader of the group that is calling for Islamic laws in Belgium. This is a small Islamic group that people do not take seriously; but it is a real threat to that nation. The leader of the group says, “Sharia and Islam are inseparable and Democracy is on the wrong side.” The leader of that group in Belgium demonizes other Muslims who call themselves as Democratic Muslims.

It is apparent that the culture war of Islam is well under way in Belgium. For instance, Jews and Christians places of worships are being vandalized by radical groups in Muslims neighbourhoods in the capital city and elsewhere across the nation. In addition to that, the Sharia laws are enforced. The leader of the group in the capital Brussels is looking forward to replacing Belgium laws with Islamic laws, including amputation for theft, stoning for adultery, and death to homosexual.

The show down over Islamic sharia laws is coming in the Belgium; because of the high Muslims birth rate is changing the political landscape. The most common baby name in Brussels in four years running is Mohammed. That is why the leader of the group in Belgium does acknowledge that it is a matter of time before Muslims are the majority in this country in 2030. For example, Muslims children are 40% in all schools in Belgium.

The author and writer of the Book about Islam in Belgium Mr. Sam Van Rooy see a Muslim future by saying that, “this Islamic movement will not stop that way as people think. For more and more Belgium people will leave the country and Brussels will become a real Islamic capital in the coming decades.”

On the other hand, the leader of the group in Brussels have this advise to the white natives Belgium that if they want to push Muslims back, then they should marry four wives so that they can have more children like Muslims, then they (Belgium’s people) will have a chance ,but he says he doubt that will happen. More importantly, the Islamic leader also said, “the victory of ALLHA (GOD) is near and the people should prepare themselves for Islamic Sharia Laws in Belgium.”

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