ISIS Sympathizers IN Australia had a new Tool of intimidating people

By The Editor of English\ Kalahan Deng

There are unsuccessful attempts by some ISIS sympathizers in some Australian major cities, where they are trying to create panic and confusion by posting some videos on the YouTube that contain provocative languages of threat and intimidation directed towards people who go to the night clubs to dance, drink, smoke, or enjoy themselves. As you have seen and heard these two men with their long beards on the YouTube, they are cursing everyone including Australia whom they accused as the land of the infidels and corruption.

But the truth is, these two men could be totally depending on the social welfare (center Link) for their incomes where they enjoy free Medicare Card for medical analysis, government protection, democracy, and fair justice system. Despite all of this, they curse this wonderful land as being possessed by the devil that pushes Australians people to do devil and indecent acts before God.

For that reason, the Australians people would like to send out this message to ISIS followers, yes, we have heard your message of threat and intimidation, but you forgot to remember that your empty words of terror would not deter the Australian government? Or change this nation they love?

Once again, the Australians people say to you ISIS sympathizers. If you do not like or satisfied with the way this country is structured, then, why are you here? Go back where you can join Jihadist like you and live according to your own way? Please, leave Australia and Australians a lone to enjoy their lives .

The Australians people wish you study your book in a right way and without radicalism and hatred towards your fellow human. Try to discover the truth that may leads you into the mercy and love of God.

All know that there is no prophet of God or a follower of any belief that has been to heaven because of his/her radicalism or Jihad-ism ideologist. For some of you search books and think that you would find peace with yourselves , but the fact of the matter is that, the books you search would stand against  you.

And the blood of innocent people whom you murdered without mercy would testify for heaven and earth against you murders .

The creator (God) is the one who can change the hearts of those who seek His truth and holiness.

We pray that the Lord God would touch the spirits of those who are possessed by hallucinations, deceptions, and lawlessness that is too far from the true loving God whom we all worship and praise.

Kalahan Deng