FOR ISIS, BOKO HARAM, AL-SHABAB, and AL-QAEDA; all options are on the table in order to achieve their goal of terrifying people everywhere at any cost. I do not really understand why some people are unable to acknowledge that radicalization of young people especially homegrown terrorist is deeply rooted on religious ideology rather than political view point. For radical Islamist, Jihad or holy war is to save or protect their belief (Islam) from non-believers (infidels) including moderate Muslims who reject this poisoned ideology that encourages destruction of other people’s lives and freedom of worship. For example, when ISIS lost the city of Manbij in Syria last week; residents who are Muslims themselves expressed their thoughts on radicals and said this, “Many can hardly believe they are finally rid of the Islamist militants’ rule. Dozens of women in black niqabs — the full-body coverings which are similar to burqas but leave the eyes exposed — were photographed being freed by the armed rebels, many of them carrying babies, overwhelmed and in tears. One woman was seen hugging an armed female Kurdish soldier.

Footage from Kurdistan 24 showed people cheering and dancing in the streets.A man pointed to an outside area and described it as an ISIS execution site. “Here they used to execute people and hung their heads here and leave it for three days. They would execute people for anything, using the excuse he did not believe,” he told Kurdistan 24. A woman made the peace sign with both hands and she expressed her relief.

“Thank God we are happy my brother. Thank God we got rid of ISIS. May God hold them to account,” she said. Young people who are being radicalised by terrorist groups are being fed with all kinds of bigotry and haters that lead to heinous crimes such as mass murders through suicide acts. This tactic by the group like BOKO HARAM in Nigeria, Al-Shabab in Somalia, ISIS in Syria and Iraq has been adopted by young people who are too ignorant of the new faith they have entangled themselves with and the grave consequences against other people lives.


They are being manipulated by the idea that if you kill, then you are going to Paradise and have all kinds of pleasure that a believer desires such as beautiful virgin women, materials blessing and all sorts of physical pleasure. Of course, if you are ignorant on the book called Quran, you would welcome this teaching with an open arm and do whatever they command you to do.

The one who commits a suicide is considered as a martyr (a person who undergoes death or suffering for their beliefs) according to the radicals ideology. Meanwhile, taking one’s own life is generally regarded as Deviant in Western society. The fact of the matter is that deviance is always relative to the situation and to the beliefs and expectations of the observer.

Just imagine you are witnessing a man that has been shot and killed by another man and blood is everywhere. Are you supposed to be cheering for the man with the gun/ or is he a villain? To radical groups, that man is their hero in the name of ALLAH (GOD).We have seen these kinds of similar attacks on Sunday, August 7, 2016; the terrorist group claimed responsibility for a weekend machete attack that wounded two policewomen in Belgium. ISIS called that attack an act of reprisal carried out by one of their “Soldiers”. The Belgium authorities treated that attack as a terrorist incident, notably because the man who carried out the attack shouted “ALLAH AKBAR”- Arabic for “God is great”. He was shot dead by the police officer after he slashed at the officers outside Charleroi’s main Police station. The 33 year-old Algerian man was known to police for criminal offences and has been in the country illegally, despite two separate orders being issued for him to leave the country.  The question is, how can terrorist or illegal men leave a country on their own before taking the lives of innocent people with them?