Iran’s first flight had landed in Yemen with a cargo of humanitarian aid

Iran said on Sunday that its first flight had landed in the Yemeni capital only a day after the two countries signed a landmark aviation deal.

Iran’s news agency reported that a plane from Iranian airliner Mahan Air had taken a cargo of humanitarian aid – mostly medicine – for Yemen.  The cargo was contributed by the Red Crescent of Iran.

“The flights between Tehran and Sanaa are meant to transport passengers,” an unnamed official has told ISNA.

“Considering that Iran wanted to take a message of peace to Yemen, it was decided to dedicate the first flight to the country for transporting a relief cargo of medical supplies.”

The flight was the first between the two countries in many years.

Under the deal that was signed between the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA) of Yemen and Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization (CAO)on 28 February, Mahan Air and Yemen’s airliner Yemenia would operate 14 flights between Tehran Sanaa each a week.