‘Intense hot spell’ forecast in run-up to Australia Day

The hot spell about to engulf much of south east Australia is set to be even more blistering with meteorologists having upped their temperature forecasts. Adelaide is now set to hit 44C on Thursday and with parts of Sydney sweltering through a high of 43C on the weekend.

Sky News Weather channel meteorologist Rob Sharpe said more than 200 fires were currently burning across Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria combined and coming blustery conditions could see more spark up.

“There is very hot weather coming through. Friday could be the most dangerous fire day we’ve seen this summer across south east Australia,” he said.

Already Tuesday is proving to be fairly dangerous, especially in Tasmania where 50 blazes are burning.

“Unfortunately the fire threat will ramp up again to a peak on Friday when winds and temperatures look to be worse than today. This will lead to multiple districts with severe fire danger and even the chance of extreme fire danger in parts of Tasmania, something that is exceptionally rare,” he said.

It’s a busy week of weather. Aside from the heat there is also a monsoon forming north of the continent, a possible tropical cyclone to the west and wind and rain for Perth and south west Western Australia — all in the run up to Australia Day.

People living in south east Australia have already been warned of an “intense hot spell” for the end of the week as well as the possibility this January could be the warmest on record.

If that record does fall then it’s possible the accolade for the hottest Australian summer since records began could also be snatched.

Seriously hot weather will lead into the weekend with three capitals surpassing 40C. Picture: BOM.Source:Supplied

Mr Sharpe said much of the heat would spend the next few days over inland Australia with the higher temperatures pushing into Adelaide on Thursday and then into NSW and Victoria.

“It will be a brief, intense hot spell. In terms of how this heat will compare to the most recent heat, it will shorter lived so there will be no extreme heatwaves but the heat itself will reach similar temperatures.”

Thursday's temperature chart shows a whole lot of blisteringly hot weather hitting the south east. Picture: Windy.

Adelaide will see 37C today, the 39C on Wednesday rising to a whopping 44C by Thursday before a drop of 11 degrees on Friday. Australia Day should see a high of 30C in the South Australian capital. Port Augusta will get very little relief with 40C+ days for most of the week and 47C on Thursday.

Melbourne will reach 30C on Tuesday; then it’s down to 25C on Wednesday before shooting up to 39C on Thursday and 41C on Thursday. Scoresby, in the city’s east, could get to 43C on Thursday. A substantial drop for Australia Day with highs of 29C and cloudy with possible rain. Elsewhere in Victoria, Mildura could get to 45C on Thursday, while Wodonga’s hottest day will be Friday with 42C.

A windy week in Tasmania is a risk for bushfires. It will be around 30C in Hobartfor much of the week, aside from just 19C on a cloudy Wednesday. A high of 33C on Friday and then 23C on Saturday.

Australia Day in the eastern states could be warm but in most places will likely be milder than Thursday and Friday when highs in the 40s can be expected. Picture: AAP/Angelo Velardo

Australia Day in the eastern states could be warm but in most places will likely be milder than Thursday and Friday when highs in the 40s can be expected. Picture: AAP/Angelo VelardoSource:News Corp Australia

Canberra will stick around 35C for the next couple of days getting to 36C on Tuesday and then to 39C on Friday and Saturday.

Sydney’s CBD temperatures will be moderated by the sea breezes. It will be around 30C on Wednesday with a possible storm, 31C on Friday and then 33C on Saturday and 34C on Sunday. But in the western suburbs it will be boiling. 37C today in Penrith, 41C on Saturday and 43C on Sunday.

Towns and cities in inland NSW, from Broken Hill to Wagga and Dubbo, could see several 40C+ days this week.

Brisbane’s run of sunny summer days continues with highs of around 33C including on Australia Day. In Far North Queensland, Cairns will hit 31C with possible rain.

Darwin will be 31C for most of the week with possible storms, 33C on the weekend.

For the south west of Western Australia, it’s “wild winds and heavy rain,” said Mr Sharpe. Perth will drop from 28C today to just 22C by Wednesday with showers, heavy at times. But a sunny Australia Day is forecast, reaching 29C.