Inside Aleppo: ‘Children scream as gunmen try to pick them off’


The day that was supposed to mark an end to Aleppo’s violence started with some of its most despicable.

The sun had barely risen when an ambulance was attacked, as it tried to evacuate injured children. The rebels blamed an Iranian backed militia. Whoever carried it out is guilty of a war crime.

Footage filmed for ITV News showed the harrowing scenes as children screamed in terror and cowed in a building, as the gunman continued to try and pick them off. Whoever was responsible must have known that a ceasefire was supposed to be in place and that the battle of Aleppo was in its final few hours, yet they pulled the trigger anyway.

The images of injured children being shot at while they attempt to board an ambulance is sickening. They are scenes that should shame world leaders who had failed for four and a half years to end the fighting in Syria’s largest city.

A Syrian kid in a convoy including buses and ambulances, as it arrives in Syria's Rashidin area