There is an old proverb which says, “If a man deceived me once, shame on him; but if he deceived me twice, then; shame on me.” There is unquestionable wisdom with this old say. Because if we look at what is going on among the Dinosaurs who call themselves the elites politicians of the new nation of the South Sudan; you would find some politicians fall under this category of those who have been deceiving their own people more than once by repeating the same old destructive mistakes that usually go unchecked . That’s why this kind of awkward habit of exit and entry to the same government he one time served has to be stopped before it brings untimely collapse to the nation.

What many people failed to realized is the fact that, the Kiir-Riek regime was built upon the relatively narrow political base of the tribal rivalry, a concept that was the direct descendent of the British colonial system that emphasized these two tribes known as Dinka and Nuer as the two largest tribes in the country. And it was picked up and implemented by the Khartoum’s rulers after their independence from the British.

Many politicians within the SPLM Bureau were very much aware that there would be unexpected divorce between the two leaders of the ruling party. Since the intense political rift between the current President Salva Kiir and his former Vice Dr. Riek in December 15, 2013, in which the ultimate power of Kiir’s and Riek’s guns over their people was proven to be disastrous and still leaves open a number of questions about the long-term viability of the SPLM regime. Since the political break, Kiir has been trying to recast himself as a “democrat” with the promise of unknown elections, while his former Vice and his loyalists continue claiming to be the victims of the circumstances, and continue mobilizing their supporters within the SPLM and abroad which brought about the “deviationist” of the SPLM political party which is no longer committed to its goals.

Some politicians within the disputing parties reject peaceful negotiations on the ground that they ignore the problem-solving aspect. Believe me folks, South Sudanese politicians do not acknowledge or believe that any real problem can give real rise to a true solution. They do not know that a true statement or believe one that is useful in solving a problem. Therefore, let’s be pragmatic and agree that a problem is only a real problem if we have to solve it in order to go on to do something else. Other wise, it is only a pseudo-problem, one that makes no difference to anything.

I do not see reasoning which involves thinking in this senseless and unwanted conflict between the two powerful leaders who rely on their tribesmen in time of war against each other. Therefore, thinking, in terms, involves peaceful language, for without peaceful solutions and constructive negotiations, people would not voice their opinions. And in order for people to understand reasoning, therefore, it is necessary for political leaders to pay careful attention to their relation between their thoughts and languages during their negotiations. Politicians often fail to say what they actually mean.That is why some people have had negative experience of having politician’s words misunderstood.

There after, these kind of unskilled politicians need to develop their critical thinking skills, which require an understanding of the ways in which word can express their thoughts without inconsistency , For that reason, revenge never been the best option of solving a conflict. For example, the same leaders fought their common enemy for almost twenty-one years and eventually, they came, sat-down, and negotiate with their yesterday’s foe. Finally, no one would be able to fully fathom these two men intentions behind this unwarranted conflict that caused unlimited lost of innocent lives, displacement, economic malfunction, and unprecedented hatred a cross the nation.