Houthi rockets killed at least 14 civilians in Yemen

Houthi militants fired rockets which killed at least 14 civilians in the Yemeni Highlands city of Taiz.

Resident of Taiz told reporters that most of the victims were children.

“The situation is awful and the fighting is happening on many fronts. All the hospitals have closed except for one, so there’s a shortage of medical care. Two rockets fell on the Deluxe neighborhood, killing 14 people, among them women and children,” Taiz resident said.

The Human Rights Minister Ezzeldin al-Asbahi, said in the statement “The government will present a letter to the Security Council in New York and the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva.”

The World Health Organization said that there were more than 350 casualties in Taiz in the past week.

The United Nations is working to end the civil war which has killed more than 4,300 people.