Why the world leaders give no attention to the Ethiopian government human rights abuses? Is it because of what has been said long a go that, whatever is out of sight is out of mind? The fact is how many of us know how the Ethiopian government deals with its own citizens?

Sure enough, many of you would not agreed or believe these facts unless you visit this link. US POLICY TOWARDS ETHIOPIA, THE FAILING STATE ON HUMAN RIGHTS OR GO TO WWW.ADDISVOICE. No doubt, some of you will be like Thomas, one of Jesus Christ disciples who insisted that, “unless he see the nail marks in Jesus hands and put his finger where the nails, and put his hands into Jesus side, he (Thomas) will not believe that Jesus appeared to his disciples”.

Well, all agree that Ethiopia is on the right direction in term of development, fight against the terrorist groups known as AL-SHABAB, mediating between the disputing parties in the new nation of the South-Sudan. But we do not know the dark side of that government in regard to the human rights abuse which the world leaders failed to publicly criticized, including the Obama administration, the U.K. government, and the EU.

Do you know that Ethiopia is governed by one ethnic group known as Tigra? And this led into grave out comes to the rest of Ethiopians who have been marginalised for so long.

The fact is, the U.K. government has tried to suppress evidence of gross human rights violations in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley, such as the forced resettlement of the Bodi and other tribes. But a new investigation by the Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights, has revealed .The Key aid donors to Ethiopia, including the U.K’s DFID, USAID and the European Union, sent two missions to the Lower Omo Valley in the south of the country in August 2014, to investigate whether tribes there were being forced off their land to make way for commercial plantations.

The U.K authorities refused to release the missions’ reports under the Freedom of Information Act, saying their disclosure WOULD SIGNIFICANTLY PREJUDICE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. ETHIOPIA 2014 human rights report-US Department of State concluded that. The most significant human rights problems in Ethiopia included restrictions on freedom of expression, including continued restrictions on print media and

on the internet, and restrictions on freedom of association, including through arrests; politically motivated trials; and harassment and intimidation of opposition members and journalists.

Other human rights problems included alleged arbitrary killings; alleged torture, beating, abuse , and mistreatment of detainees by security forces ; reports of harsh and at times life-threatening prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention without charges and lengthy pre-trial detention; a weak, overburdened judiciary subject to political influence;  infringement on citizens, privacy rights ; disappearances of civilians , torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.

In Ethiopia, prison and pre-trial detention centre conditions remained harsh and in some cases life threatening. This is Ethiopia we all know the brighter side, while ignorance on the darker side too. Therefore, the choice is yours, whether to add your voice to those who are hard pressed or turn your face away and disregard them as people who never existed on this planet with us.