Experts Responses to the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage

Written by: K.D

The legalization of the same-sex marriage by the United States Supreme Court and overwhelmed support by the President Obama has been welcomed with resistant across Australia and elsewhere in the world. For instance, the Lebanese Australians Christians Coalition led by the current Chairman and the CEO of the Australian Middle East, Mr. Walla Whebe who considers the ruling as the anti-religion, social harmony and our collective beliefs in traditional marriage between a man and a woman, Therein, the Australian Middle East is proud to summarize different opinions after it has presented variety of points of views through its popular programs known as, As We Agree, which was presented by editor, Dr. Sam Nan who interviewed experts who came from different fields of knowledge to voice their insights in respond to the recent decisions by the highest court in America in legalization of the same-sex marriage that has created discontent among Conservative Christians, Muslim groups and other religions such as Jews, and Sikhs. This divisive ruling brought about discussions, researches and demonstrations across the world. Consequently, the editor of Al-telegraph news paper in Sydney, Australia Mr. Antoine Kazzi and Dr. Sam Nan, the editor for the Middle East Online came up with recorded interviews that invited religious leaders from all beliefs, politicians, and Criminal Justice System experts to express their thoughts about the decision that was implemented by the highest court in the United States.


This program was prepared by Antoine Kazzi and introduced by Dr. Sam who welcomed Dr and Pastor John Nammour, the leader of the Baptist Church in Gliford, Sydney. Pastor Nammour rejected the idea of the same-sex marriage which he believed to be against the Holy Bible .He also went further to say that the same-sex marriage would negatively affect societies all over the world. He said, “The same-sex marriage prevailed because of one vote and that one vote shouldn’t have decided human fate.”


One of Dr. Sam’s guest was Mr. Kalahan Deng from Vancouver, Canada who is an expert in the area of Criminal Justice System. Mr. Deng will express his opinion in the area that is related to the legal prospective. When Dr. Sam asked him about the matter, he said, “Every individual in every society and especially in the western society is protected under the law as long as the law makes the balance between the competing parties.” For example, the law cannot discriminate based on someone’s gender, race, color, or language. Because we are all equal under one law and our rights are granted to every group that is willing to comply with what the law says, as long as their freedom or action does not conflict, interfere or harm members of their society. That is why the highest court in America looked into the same-sex marriage issue with an open mind before coming up with final consensus on legalizing it .That is known as the balance of the justice system, whereby minority are given the same rights as majority in the same society. Since the law does not favor majority over minority groups.


Furthermore, Dr. Sam also had an interesting conversation with Australian Spiritual Shiia Leader Al-shiekh Kamel Whebe who expressed his astonishment from the idea of the same-sex legalization and said that Islam describes the person who does this kind of thing as a criminal and the world would return into Sodom and Gomorrah in the days of Lot, if this kind of marriage is legalized. And also the Islamic spiritual leader said, “All religions are too far from this kind of humiliation to the beliefs and society.


After that came a political figure, a member of the Liberal Party, Mr. David Clark who said in a calm voice that from the beginning of creations and in every society, the marriage has been between two independent sexes; that is, a man and a woman. He said, “He is completely against the idea.” He does not accept those who support or legalize it.


From the Anglican Church in Sydney, Australia Pastor Nabel Zkary who stated opinion without hesitation, “Those who do this are against God’s will and forsaken His Holy Bible and they have lost sense of humanity and we should stand against this strong wave that is coming towards us.” He added his voice that he is against the same-sex marriage.


In addition, I asked Pastor Walled Fdoo from Seven Days Advents Church who expressed his opinion as a researcher by saying that, “Same-sex marriage is the moral decline that would lead societies to social awkwardness.” And he criticized gays who wrote on their t-shirt that “In Gay We Trust” and this expression is found in the American dollar as “In God We Trust”.


Before Dr. Sam concluded interviews with all guests, he had a privilege to meet with Dr. Onsy Matar who is a well known psychologist here in Sydney, Australia who said, “Gays and lesbians deserve our compassions. Because some of them are born with hormones that are unequal, therefore, their inclinations to the same-sex are the result of their natural inclinations.”


Finally, I also had an opportunity to meet with young Australians who expressed their contentment for freedom to the gays and lesbians people to do whatever they want with their bodies. And this statement from young people here in Sydney, Australia was in fact contrary to what all other guests said about same-sex marriage.


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