Egypt is a great land of an ancient civilization, the land that was ruled by Pharaohs, the land of mixed religions such as Christianity and Islam. It is not a land that can be weaken by people who have been overpowered by hatred, not by those who lose their sense of humanity when they see Christians and Muslims living in harmony as brothers and sisters. The Egyptian people are convinced beyond doubt that nothing on earth would be able to intimidate their desires to fight those terrorist elements that operate their schemes in darkness.

No bombings, no indiscriminate killings, or false campaigns of hatred would deter the Egyptian army and its people who are marching toward the victory against the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in the Sinai. In August 18, 2015, Egyptian security building in Cairo was rocked by a bomb blast which was felt across parts of the Egyptian capital, injured 29 people but there were no reports of any death.

The militant group Islamic State (IS) says it carried out the attack “to avenge Muslim martyrs.” As a result of the militant campaign of terror, the Egyptian high court handed down a harsh sentence against the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and seven prominent Islamists were sentenced to life in prison on Saturday for murder and inciting violence. Due to the ongoing terrorist attacks against the Egyptian people lives and their properties, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi signed an anti-terrorism bill which will hand down a mandatory death sentence to terrorist organizations; special courts will be an expedite terrorism trials, and the government will expand its surveillance powers.