Egyptian Army killed more than 500 terrorists, Arrested more than 600 and invalidate more than 470 explosive device

By. Sam Nan

Egyptian army continues to lead in the implementation process of the “right of the martyr” to achieve a successful strikes and the pursuit of terrorists in the cities “Arish”, ‘Sheikh Zuid’, ‘Rafah’ and areas of central Sinai.
The army also continued its successful strikes against armed terrorist elements targeting dens and gatherings them and impose full these areas control security, at the same time the Special Force and Navy implementation of combat steps to secure the sea and to impose control on the flat water of the Mediterranean region, so as to cut off supply lines terrorist elements and prevent them from sea to infiltrate.

It also continued Apache helicopters and helicopter aerial reconnaissance and bombing the exact number of dens for the gathering of terrorist elements and stores of weapons and explosives of them and eliminate what is left of a terrorist by the foci, as the Second Army field backed by elements of the bolt and the forces of rapid intervention under air cover elements raided outposts terrorist that have been monitored and the elimination of a large number of terrorists, as well as ways to cut technical and logistical support possessed by armed elements.
This has coincided with the implementation of the safeguard and secure the movement of ground forces and elements of the tasks involved in the implementation process, which resulted in the deaths of five of the armed terrorist elements during an exchange of gunfire during the incursion operations and clashes with troops during the implementation of its tasks, bringing the number for the entire process to 526 terrorists and arrested 15 suspects during a search and raid strongholds and hideouts of the operations of these two elements, including possession of an automatic rifle and 4 and a safe storage mechanism and tools for gun control, bringing the number of arrests to 617 terrorist. Operation also resulted in the destruction of 16, an explosive device was planted to target army axes move, as the forces to destroy and burn 10 nestling Walker stationed and from which terrorist elements, and the arrest of terrorists who were just as likely 3 vehicles and destroyed three other vehicles and the burning of 18 motorcycle without number plates are used in monitoring and targeting troops, as the Egyptian armed forces to destroy nine warehouses containing food and petroleum and spare parts cars and motorcycles, weapons and ammunition, but it was the release of 10 members of the suspects for lack of involvement in terrorist acts against the armed forces.
And science site “The Middle East Online” that the Navy special forces continued to carry out several tasks to impose full of the theater with the maritime control in all directions and secure the vitality and economic objectives, and implementation of the right to visit and inspection of ships and vessels suspected of fishing them to make sure they are free of any terrorist elements fleeing or weapons and ammunition, as well as prevent the infiltration of terrorist elements or escape by sea, as helicopters continued in the implementation of the auxiliary forces involved in the implementation process on the ground, in addition to the realization of aerial surveillance and reconnaissance areas of anti-terrorist activity in Sinai.
Thus, law enforcement efforts to be involved in the implementation process of the armed forces and civilian police have resulted in over 14 days since the operation killed 526 terrorists, including full high-risk regulatory groups, and the arrest of 617 wanted security and suspects, as well as dismantling and blowing up 478 explosive device was intended to target troops roads and the main axes of villages that have been raided, in addition to the seizure and destruction of more than 107 vehicles types’ half of the transfer wheel drive ‘and the burning and destruction of 613 den and’ashh’ elements of satisfaction was used as a point of fulcrum of the attack on the troops, and the destruction of 91 underground shelter sheltering them infidels elements of blows forces and 4 caverns beneath the earth’s surface, as well as the destruction of 251 motorcycle, and 38 warehouse and a cave used by terrorist elements to hide vehicles and motorcycles, weapons and ammunition, were also found 1,000 bomber and an electric device GPS to identify trends and 4 electronic circuits used expiatory elements of a remote detonator.
Also it resulted in the work of combing intensified by the security patrols to the scope of the Third Field Army in the seizure of three terrorist elements very dangerous was found in possession of 12 weapons of various kinds and large quantities of different bullets and 15 ammunition blew up electrical circuit equipped to blow up and the amount of white weapons and 22 safe different species and glasses field telescope rifle and communications equipment via satellite and computer and 5 CDs and a camera mounted on a military data and 3 free maps and 8 forged passports and foreign currencies.