Egypt, Greece, Cyprus agree on enhancing tripartite military trainings

CAIRO – 15 December 2017: Egypt’s Defense Minister Sedky Sobhy and his Cypriot and Greek counterparts agreed on developing and enhancing the tripartite military trainings between their countries during the coming period to counter the dangers of terrorism.

During Sobhy’s visit to Cyprus he met with counterparts; Christoforos Fokaides of Cyprus, and Panos Kammenos of Greece. They discussed several issues during their tripartite summit that was held in Larnaca city at the Zenon Coordinating Centre, including combating terrorism, search and rescue trainings, securing maritime targets, and energy and navigation lines.

Sobhy also held separate meetings with Fokaides, and Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades, as they praised the two countries’ strong relations especially after President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s last visit, in which he held another tripartite summit with his Greek and Cypriot counterparts last November.

Sobhy arrived in the Cyprus capital Nicosia on Tuesday upon an invitation of his Cypriot counterpart.

Egypt, Greece and Cyprus gave the international community a model for successful international relations and cooperation between countries, according to Sisi’s statements during a meeting with the Cypriot parliament head in Nicosia, describing the unique relations between the three governments.

He added that the relations between Egypt, Greece and Cyprus are strong and historical. The visit to Nicosia was the first for an Egyptian president and included more than several meetings between Sisi and some of the state’s senior officials.

It included attending the fifth Egyptian-Greek-Cypriot tripartite summit in which several topics were tackled, including coordination between the three countries, as well as enhancing the relations in the political, economic, trade, security and tourism fields.