Classmate of teenage gunman arrested on the way to high school in Western Sydney

Sydney police have arrested a student on the way to Arthur Phillip High School this morning.

The student is in the same school with the 15-year-old student, Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar, who shot a NSW police employee dead at Parramatta’s police headquarters on Friday. Farhad Jabar was killed by police after he shot Mr Cheng dead.

The student claimed that he was using his mobile phone to film officers who were standing outside the school.

However, he “threatened and intimidated” officers when police asked him about alleged posts he had made on social media, according to officers.

There was a number of posts on his Facebook account after the Parramatta shooting on Friday.

He was handcuffed and taken to Parramatta Police Station.

The NSW Department of Education is offering counselling services and teachers to students of Arthur Phillip High School this morning. Many of them were shocked at the Parramatta shooting. Students who knew Farhad Jabar described him as quiet, polite and “a nice kid”.

No charges has been announced.