Challenges Facing Humans’ Progresses

By The Editor of English\ Kalahan Deng


Many years ago, electronic devices such as cell phones, Facebook, Skype, Viber, Messenger, e-mail, and Twitter were not known or considered possible to us, since they were viewed as abstract theories, things that were difficult to tie directly to reality.

But human determination to learn, search and discover made what was impossible possible to us today. Some of you may agree with that, our world is better connected today than ever. Because, there is no event that takes place in any part of this planet without our awareness because of the electronic devices that I mentioned. Consequently, this great achievement through technology came with a heavy price (negative) impact on us. For example, powerful nations that invade smaller nations are the ones that create dictator leaders or religious fanatics (radicals).

Who could have imagined that the young unemployed Tunisian man would forever change the Middle East and North African political maps? When Abu-Azizy poured gas on his head and burned himself to death, people responded by what is now known the Arab Spring. These uprising consequences are still with us to this day. The Arab Spring spread quickly to up root leader after leader in many part of the Middle East and North Africa.

Since the Arab Spring started, many lives are lost every day and those who are lucky fled their countries to neighboring nations, especially to Europe, the popular destination nowadays. Therein, the years of peace and stability are gone with former leaders. Those leaders were replaced by the most vicious and lawless international Jihadist groups that have ever been known in our modern history. The world never thought for a second that Abu-Azizy’s death would involve many countries into the current nightmare so called ISIS terrorist groups.

Many thought that the old regimes must go and be replaced by democratically elected ones. This misconception led to the sudden appearance of ISIS. For sure, we all got it wrong.  ISIS is not a short term problem to the Middle East, North Africa, and the entire world. It is everyone’s problem at the moment.

There is no similar and well organized terrorist group like ISIS in term of strategies and executions of plans. The other important piece of information that many overlooked is the fact that many of the ISIS supporters were rooted in the west. Many of them were either born, educated, worked and citizens of those nations like, the U.K, Canada, U.S., Russia,  North Africa, Asia, and Australia (Chechnya).

The U.S. President, Barack Obama and his team underestimated ISIS capabilities in Syria and Iraq. Especially, when ISIS started infiltrating among other Syrian resistant groups, ISIS succeed to push this group out of many areas and assumed their positions as the legitimate Islamic resistance against Assad’s regime in Syria. On the other hand, they went on to drive out and killed many of Iraqis soldiers and civilians and took control of major cities there.

Here is one thing to be sure of, these radical groups know for certain what they are fighting for. They want take the Middle East back to the early days of the prophet Mohammed, the days of stone and dark ages, where people were wandering in the desert of the Middle East and North Africa. Their barbaric style, of enslaving young women and boys is the evidence of what their religious, political, and identity lead to.

The ISIS groups have no fear of beheading young children, women, and older people. As a result of their heinous crimes, there has been a stiff rivalry between the two camps of thoughts, namely Al-Qaida and ISIS or Daash in Arabic language.

For instance, on June 26, 2015 the ISIS groups beheaded two women with their husbands who were accused of practicing divination (magic) which is a form of rebellion to the ISIS, and arrogance like evil of idolatry. And in the same Syrian city of ALZOOR, the militant groups beheaded a man and his wife who was wearing El-hijab, the lady and her husband were accused also for performing spiritual therapy and magic.

Nevertheless, in other small Syrian’s village called HAILAHA on eastern province of DEER AL-ZOOR, the ISIS groups executed a man and his wife for the same crime of magic performance.

And on June 28, 2015, the group stoned a young woman to her death. Furthermore, the group crucified eight people among them two girls under the age of 18 years old, because they ate food during the holy month of Ramadan’s fasting.

On another occasion, the group crucified 8 people alive in front of their police station that imposes strict Islamic laws. The group wrote five signs on their victims necks which say,” crucified for a full day, and flog each of them seventy flogs because they ate during the holy month of Ramadan”.

Therefore, there are eight people in total plus two young girls who were crucified alive in the city of AL-GRDAQ while children were watching the unfolding events.

What is clear is the fact that ISIS groups frequently change their tactics from beheading with knives to burning people alive, to explosions, drowning, and many other ways of executions they surprise us with.

The recent video tap of ISIS execution style included 16 Iraqis that were divided into three group or parts, between an explosion inside the car with the robe on their victims’ necks, and drowning inside cages. The purpose for all of this is to maximize fear and terror in people’s minds and hearts. That is what they want to achieve in this war, it is a battle against humans’ civilizations, against peace, love and progress.