Casablanca Ranks World’s Fifth Most Romantic Place

Rabat – Casablanca, Morocco’s economic capital and largest city, has been selected by the US-based Huffington Post as the world’s fifth most romantic place to share a kiss.

Although to locals Casablanca maybe be considered more like an economic hub because of its active population of 4 million people, the Huffington Post said that the Moroccan city was one of the most attractive places in the world for couples looking for romance.

Casablanca owes this ranking to its emblematic Rick’s Cafe. .

Located in the old medina, Rick’s Café Casablanca was developed by Kathy Kriger, a former American diplomat in Morocco. The café was built after the Rick’s Café shown in the classic movie Casablanca, which was filmed in Hollywood.

“The real-life restaurant is the perfect place to order a meal and kiss as if it were the last time,” said Huffington Post.

Casablanca was ranked fifth, after New York which ranked fourth, and Pennsylvania’s Hershey, which ranked third. Paris topped the list as the world’s most romantic place followed by Mexico’s Guanajuato.