Bill Shorten says Morrison made Australia ‘look stupid’ with Israel embassy plan – politics live

The replies to this are, well, as you would expect after you forced an already marginalised community to campaign for the same right as heterosexual couples.

We are on the downhill slope to Senate question time.

For a moment, I thought it was 4pm, but that was just a fanciful whigmaleerie, as my Scottish friend would say.

It is the last one we will have (solo) this year, though. So there is a silver lining.

Australia continues to take our partnership with the Pacific to a new level. Building Pacific labour mobility is a priority for Australia and for our partners in the Pacific.

Our Government will progressively roll out the Pacific Labour Scheme across all Pacific island countries. Currently open to six Pacific countries, Tonga will be the next country to join the Pacific Labour Scheme. We will also discuss with our Papua New Guinean counterparts a pathway for Papua New Guinea to join the scheme.

In addition, the current cap of 2,000 places will be lifted, providing more opportunities for Pacific workers to undertake non-seasonal work for up to three years.

Uncapping the Scheme builds on the success of the uncapped Seasonal Worker Programme, which has enabled more than 28,000 job opportunities for Pacific workers in Australia since 2012.

Together, these measures will help farmers and regional communities get the workers they need, when they need them. Australia will continue to prioritise the Pacific to help fill jobs where Australian workers are not able to do so.

To support Australia’s deepening engagement with the Pacific, the Government will also establish a new Office of the Pacific in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to enhance whole-of-government coordination.

The Office of the Pacific will have increased resourcing and will support our efforts to develop even closer ties with Pacific governments and regional organisations, including the Pacific Islands Forum.

Other agencies including the Australian Federal Police, Defence, Department of Home Affairs and Attorney-General’s Department will be invited to provide secondments to the Office to help better coordinate our efforts to develop even closer ties across the region.

On Tuesday Labor’s industry and innovation spokesman, Kim Carr,told Guardian Australia that he does not support removing the discretion entirely.

He said as minister he had never exercised the power but removing it is “not universally supported in the research community” and ARC recommendations are “not infallible”